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Turtle Beach - one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe

Dalyan has an idyllic, five kilometer long sandy beach - Iztuzu Beach, also known as Turtle Beach (Turtle Beach). For it not only attracts swimmers, but for thousands of years, also the loggerhead turtle. These turtle species are protected and may not become a victim of mass tourism. Thousands of endangered loggerhead (Caretta caretta) are found in the summer on the Iztuzu beach, one of their last spawning grounds. In the evening the females come from the sea and lay their eggs - between deckchairs and sandcastles. Volunteers make sure nothing happens to the eggs. The region is an important place for the animal protectors to study these endangered sea turtles in peace.

But sunbathers and sea lovers can also swim on Iztuzu beach. During the day the beach is for swimmers, in evening for the turtles. At 18 hours the beach is closed, so the shy animals are not disturbed. In the mid 80's it was thanks to the loggerhead turtle and the involvement of animal rights activists from around the world that no large 600-bed hotel was build on the beach.

Today, the entire region around Dalyan is a protected nature reserve.

With its wide flat sandy beach, Iztuzu beach is a place of deep, simple beauty. In 2011 it was described as the most beautiful beach in Europe by * Zoover. During nine months of the year you can swim on both sides of the beach in clear, clean water. On one side, it is flat, child friendly, sea, on the other side you can take a dip in the clean, cool fresh water of the lagoon. And with the exhilarating feeling that you share this beauty with one of the oldest living beings on this earth.

To get from Dalyan to Iztuzu beach, one can take a small boat passing restaurants and idyllic cottages, the royal tombs of> Kaunos and meter tall reeds. The boat chugs through the maze of natural channels to the open sea.

(* In collaboration with the weather service Meteo Vista. Dalyan actually belongs to Asia, but Turkey is fully charged in Europe sentence.)


















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