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Upstream to the Köyceğiz lake you go with a small boat through the impressive, unique reed landscape of > Dalyan - you may be accompanied by cormorants, storks, herons and turtles. If you smell sulfur water, you have reached your destination. The SULTANİYE spa is located on the shores of Lake Koycegiz, protected by a pine forest, about 10 kilometers from the town of the same Köyceğiz. The SULTANİYE spa is one of the most important in the country and was already visited during the Greek and Roman times. There are also ancient ruins. The complex is simple but beautiful, and has a relaxed and unique atmosphere.

Beautiful with mud and sulfur baths

There are a quagmire and several thermal pools with different temperatures, outdoor or indoor, also separately for men and women. In the spa you can also pamper yourself with a massage or take a dip in the lake. It is best to start in the mud bath. Lubricate yourself from top to bottom with mineral mud. That's a lot of fun and is very healthy for the skin.

Tip: do not forget to take pictures! If the "body mask" is dried in the sun, shower well. Then you go in the hot sulphurous waters. Weightless relaxing in a warm bath from about 35 degrees. The lukewarm, chloride, sodium, sulphate and fluorine-containing spring water is good for many ailments and is especially recommended for postoperative pain. The spring water is suitable to baths but also in order to drink. Wellness pure nature!

The Köyceğiz Lake and its islands

Pine-covered mountains, sweet gum forests, fertile soil and marshy reeds. This is the area around Lake Koycegiz. It is 54 square kilometers, the largest freshwater lake in the region. The lake is named after the city, in the northwest of the lake, Köyceğiz and also because of the islands, it is a popular destination. It is ideal for water sports including pedal boats, canoeing and water skiing. At Gedova a large tourist complex is built on the island. Old ruins on the island Gavurbsg remembers us of a glorious past. Visitors usually come here during a tour.



















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