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Nature walks in the mountains of Dalyan

For adventurous guests we offer not only normal> walks around> Dalyan, but also exciting hiking tent overnights, led by experienced naturalists. We offer you and your family with these tours a unique nature experience during your vacation. The tours are suitable for children from 8 years, adolescents and adults.

Nature Walks in the mountains of Dalyan are especially for the children something special. They love the adventure in the mountains and the surprises that nature provides. They can climb mountains, walk difficult paths, jump over babbling mountain streams or explore gorges. The beautiful and varied landscape is more than a recreational space, more than a place to rest. It stimulates the imagination of your children, challenges them in a positive way. This nature experiences are essential to the health of children and adolescents and their development. This kind of experiences stimulate self-reflection and enhance self-confidence. An improved perception of body, soul and spirit also leads to increased learning outcomes. But it Our hikes, nature walks, excursions and cycling tours can easily be combined with an overnight stay in a tent. Camping is an absolute hit with kids! Children and teenagers are outside all day and thus making big steps towards independence. At night you can count the stars, in the morning you wake up with a fantastic view.


For nature walks:

  • small backpack
  • walking shoes
  • helmet
  • goggles
  • easy and sturdy clothing

For a night in a tent:

  • Tents and other necessary equipment are available, but you may also bring your own sleeping bag.


















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