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Experience nature, meet culture, enjoy hospitality ... News From Dalyan  
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Adventure on the water

The reed delta of Dalyan is an ideal place for short or long trips by boat. Discover secluded coves, fascinating swims through underwater caves, or go to the long sandy beach. The Köyceğiz Lake can also be achieved with a canoe, nature and culture on the way will be a special experience.

Boat trips to secluded coves

Take a trip to beautiful secluded coves only accessible by motorboat. Enjoy the silence, the clear clean water and swim through the picturesque caves. Enjoy peace and relaxation and an unforgettable experience in nature. The trip takes eight hours - from 10:00 to 18:00. A delicious lunch and cool drinks are served on board. Of course we also have a break to swim in great locations.

The Linus-Apart Warranty: On this boat only 5 up to 15 people can participated. We have no mass tourism! Click on the images to see them in a larger format. (For me it does not work, the magnified view does not open)

River Cruise to the sea

Dalyan is located on one of the many rivers of the delta. In a dense tangle of natural channels converted fishing boats go by meter tall reeds to the open sea with its long sandy beach. The rich reed vegetation gives this boat trip a unique and mysterious appeal. During the approximately four kilometer long road from Dalyan to the sea, you will pass the famous royal tombs of> Kaunos. These are carved into the rocks in the 4th century BC. They are built in the Ionic style, reminiscent of Greek temples. The journey takes you past small cozy restaurants on the banks of the river.

The journey takes 30 minutes and offers a spectacular view of the surroundings. Click here for an enlarged version of the pictures.

Special canoe trip: Dalyan river and Köyceğiz Lake

A boat trip on the Dalyan river to Lake Koycegiz is a particular highlight of your holiday in Turkey. With a canoe you sail in a day tour through the small natural tributaries of the extensive reed delta that connects the Köyceğiz lake and the Mediterranean. You pass many small jetties, idyllic villages, dreamy sweet gum forests and excavations.

Close to nature and yourself.

The whole area is a nature reserve and home to a large number of species, such as eagles, cormorants, herons, pelicans and kingfishers, as well as the famous turtle. The further the canoe comes away from the city center of> Dalyan, the more original the landscape. Behold the frankincense tree forests, olive, orange and lemon trees. In the silence of nature, listen to birds. The sound of the water and the different types With a little luck you see cormorants and kingfishers. Enjoy nature and tranquility, away from the maddening, bustling tourist centers.

Come close again to yourself.

In the direction of Köyceğiz two arms of the Dalyanrivier lead to warm, sulphurous springs. At these natural sources, rarely visited by tourists, you can take a little break for a relaxing swim, surrounded by lofty reeds. With a little luck you will see also see fixed giant tortoises sunbathe. Then paddle to the beautiful Lake Koycegiz and enjoy the fantastic scenery. In the lake there is a small island where you can anchor. Traditional restaurants, directly located on the shores, offer fresh seafood. On the west bank are the famous> Sultaniye Thermal Springs.

The charming town of Koycegiz lies north of the lake named after her. Despite the rural nature, Koycegiz has much to offer: a large number of cafés, bars, shops and markets invite you to enjoy and walk along the promenade with fantastic views of the lake and surrounding mountains. On Monday there is a market in the former fishing village. Who wants a refreshment, can jump in the lake, which has a very good water quality. Several freshwater fish and turtles are also found in the water. After this eventful day you go back to Dalyan. ((How is the way back. How long?))

Important Notes: In the summer season (April to October) you can not canoe in the direction of the sea and the beach, because there is too much boat traffic, only as described above in the direction of Koycegiz lake. In the winter, they make the canoe trip through the thick reeds to the beach (Turtle Beach). Canoes and kayaks can be rented at Linus-Apart.

Announcement: About the trip in the opposite direction - we will soon provide more information - through the idyllic reed delta to the sea


















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