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Experience nature, meet culture, enjoy hospitality ... News From Dalyan  
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Welcome to Dalyan, the land of the Carians.

The small, lively village of Dalyan is located halfway between Fethiye and Marmaris, near the airport of Dalaman in southwestern Turkey. The nature of Dalyan is ideal for guests who want an idyllic and individual holiday, away from the tourist centers, with their huge high-rise hotels, such as in Bodrum, Marmaris and Alanya.

Thank you, Caretta Caretta! Thanks to the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) the charming town and its surroundings hasn't become a victim of mass tourism. This turtle lays her eggs in the summer on the> Iztuzu beach near Dalyan. Mass tourism in their spawning area would bring the endangered species even further at risk. British conservationists could avoid in 1988 that the area was fully developed for tourism, and protected the habitat of the turtles.

Today, the beach is still guarded, but till 18 hours people can still enjoy the beach. Holiday in a protected area

Dalyan is located on the central river delta connecting the Köyceğiz lake in the hinterland to the sea. The whole area is a nature reserve. The beautiful scenery inspires with its wild forests, idyllic waterfalls, fragrant amber trees and citrus plantations. In addition, more than 100 species of birds are native to the Dalyan delta, as well as the blue crab.

The land of the ancient Carians

The Dalyan region is in the area of ancient Caria, the land of the Carians. Numerous witnesses of the past, or parts of it are still visible - for example, ancient cultural sites such as the Old Town> Kaunos and the famous Lycian rock tombs.

Dalyan town today

Dalyan has much to offer for tourists. In the center you can walk through the old town, visiting ancient agricultural and fishing houses or enjoy delicious Turkish specialties in one of the small restaurants, partly situated on the waterside. Visit the picturesque weekly market on Saturday. In the evening the waterfront invites to walk and enjoy the beautiful sunset. In Dalyan there is no trace of large hotels and beach facilities. There are only two and three-storey buildings, mostly in the traditional Mugla style. In Dalyan one finds that socio-ecologically sustainable tourism is important. The main means of transport are powerboats, typically converted fishing boats. Take one of the boats and it will bring you puffing to the beautiful> Iztuzu beach in about 40 minutes. You can also take a dolmus, a kind of public minibus, as are common in Turkey.


















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